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prices from £260*


Course of 4 recommended : first 3 one month apart then 4th syringe 6 months later


Following treatment you may experience some slight redness or minor bruising around the treatment areas though this should subside after a few days. In some cases bruising may last for up to 2 weeks.


We may recommend a cool pack to reduce swelling

We recommend avoiding wearing make up immediately after the treatment. After 24 hours, you can use light make up to cover any redness or bruising.


What will happen after treatment?

You will start noticing the results after the second course of treatment. It is recommended to get the optimal results, to have a course of 4, the first 3 being 4-5 weeks apart. The fourth treatment is normally carried out 6 months later.

When will I see the results?

  • Men and women can have this treatment
  • For all skin types
  • For people with younger or more mature skin
  • For lips,face,neck, hands and décolletage
  • For people that want to improve skin structure eg acne scarred or photodamaged skin


After a careful history taking & medical history check, numbing cream is placed on your skin for about 30 mins that makes the treatment more comfortable.


Then small microinjecitons are placed into the skin to boost skin hydration in the areas being treated.


The treatment takes approx 30 minutes depending on area treated

What happens at the treatment?

Who can have this treatment?

Restylane Skinboosters are a brand new approach to nourishing your skin,especially designed to deliver skin deep hydration. This means increasing hydration levels within the skin to deliver lasting moisturisation and improvements on the skin’s surface.


The treatment involves hydrating micro injections of a soft gel like substance called Hyaluronic Acid ( HA) into the skin, which improves the skin’s firmnesss,elasticity and radiance.


Water loving HA is found naturally in the body and as we age, the quality of the HA diminishes over time. Having this treatment with Restylane Skinboosters maintains hydration levels from within as it continues to work over several months.


There are different types of Restylane Skinboosters products to best match your individual needs and skin type and can be used as a stand alone treatment but can also be used alongside & in combination with other aesthetic treatments eg Dermal fillers.


Speak to Pradnya who will guide you towards the best product and treatment schedule to achieve what you are looking for. 


Restylane Skinboosters are used for more mature skin, younger skin, acne scarred skin and backs of hands. They offer a subtle, gradual change in skin quality and skin elasticity. What you get is a natural but noticeably invigorated look to your skin.




Restylane Skinboosters:



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revitalise rejuvenate
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